1. Preamble

The Customer or Tenant acknowledges that, prior to booking, read all of the following conditions and also acknowledges, have the capacity to enter into this contract. The following terms and conditions of sale govern all transactions made on the web catalog , any order placed on this site assumes the client's unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions, if the Customer or Tenant does not accept these Terms, he refuses it, and will then stop the booking process. Otherwise, the Client or Tenant acknowledges having read and understood these Terms and agree to them.

2. Conditions for rent

You must provide us with the delivery of the vehicle, with supporting documents and original: A driving license valid for at least 24 months. A passport. A means of payment and deposit (Credit Card, Cash ... Etc..) We do not keep the originals of these documents. All drivers must be at least 23 years old and must hold a driving license, valid for at least 24 months.

3. Term of the lease / Extension

3.1. Method of calculation:

The rental period is calculated per 24 hours, not split, from time to support the vehicle, however, you receive an allowance of three hours from which a further period of 24 hours is applied . If you wish to extend your lease, you will have our prior agreement, once you have this agreement you should go to our agency to renew the contract and adjust the amount of additional rent. In the case where it is will be difficult to get to our agency, a copy of the contract extension will be sent by mail or fax.

3.2. End of lease

Rent is considered complete at the time of return of the keys and car documents to our agent. In case the vehicle is returned without papers or keys, duplicate charges will be billed to the customer. We can in no way be held responsible for goods that have been left in the vehicle at the end of the lease.

4. Vehicle

4.1. Vehicle condition:

You will receive a vehicle in running condition and clean, you should make sure before you leave the place of delivery that any apparent defect in the vehicle is listed on the lease, otherwise any apparent damage not listed on the lease the departure of the vehicle will not be considered and begat repair costs at your expense up to the franchise. Except in the case where you have previously provided to our disaster services a statement to the court or states that you are not at fault. (See liability for damage section)

4.2. Use of the vehicle: 

You engage to drive the vehicle "good father." -You agree not to borrow from the vehicle motor roads paved unless it is a 4x4, any damage caused to the vehicle resulting from non-compliance with this clause shall remain the responsibility of the tenant and the costs of repair not covered by insurance will be billed He is forbidden to use the vehicle outside the Moroccan territory without written authorization by us.

5. Payment:

For any booking made on our website, you will be asked to pay a deposit online, else you will be asked to deliver the car in cash or by credit card, however, with the exception of delivery in our agency you must notify us by email or phone if you pay by credit card longed for to provide to make the payment terminal.

6. Insurance / Liability for damage:

All our vehicles are insured for all risk, however an excess of 10% and charged to the customer in case the partial or total liability is incurred. We remind you that no recourse to insurance is only possible if the tenant does not present us with a Finding agreement or a finding of gendarmerie or police. In the case of loss / theft of the vehicle, accessory or damage thereto by the customer's fault, or no fault of a third opponent (fortuitous accident during parking, collision with animal crossing the road, cart, non-automotive vehicle, ...), the customer must make a statement of the causes and circumstances, and indemnify us up to the franchise.

7. Cancellation:

You can cancel your reservation until the last minute before the hour care without cause or justification of the vehicle, You must inform us by mail